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Part of Our World is a bi-weekly podcast where your hosts Keenan and Rachael have a half-an-hour (or so) conversation about a Disney related topic whether it’s tips for the parks, favorite movies or characters, or how to not go insane waiting for that next Disney vacation.


In this very special Valentine's Day episode, Rachael and Keenan discuss their top five favorite Disney love stories.

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Presenting the 2020 Disney Oscars! 

Did your favorite Disney movie get snubbed at the Oscars this year? Fret no more, the awards show you've been waiting for is here. Part of Our World's Disney Oscars takes this year's films under the Disney umbrella (Pixar, Star Wars, Marvel) and nominates them for unique categories such as Best New Character, Most Emotional Moment, Best Comic Relief, and more. 

This year, we involved listeners by allowing you to cast your vote for each category, and we've reached out to fellow Disney podcasters to help present the awards. Check out the links to their social accounts below, and be sure to check out their show as well.

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Rachael and Keenan hit you with their so-called expert knowledge of how to prepare a preschooler for their Walt Disney World vacation. Tune in for tips on how to get them to brave those "scary" rides, make it through the day (we all want to see Happily Ever After, right?!), and not go into complete meltdown mode when they don't get that sweet treat or shiny souvenir!

Don't have preschoolers anymore? Don't worry! There's plenty of survival skills in here for parents of kids of all ages, and even if you don't have kids or taking an adults-only trip, you may find some useful tactics in here for yourself!

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It's that time where we all look back on what we've accomplished the previous year and look ahead to what is to come. Disney has one of it's biggest years ever (probably most significant of the decade), breaking box office records left and right, and making sweeping changes to the parks...not to mention starting their own streaming service.

In this episode, Rachael and Keenan look back on what Disney accomplished in 2019, the biggest (and most controversial) stories from that year, and look ahead to see what Disney has in store for 2020. Can 2020 be as big as 2019? Stay tuned to find out Part of Our World's thoughts.

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Buckle up! Keenan saw Star Wars opening night then again the following day running on a few hours of sleep. Rachael has a cursory knowledge of Star Wars but intense feelings about it. Together they discuss anything and everything about the final installment of the Skywalker Saga.

This episode is full of....opinions, so tune in and let us know if you agree/disagree. What were your feelings about the film? There's a lot to unpack in our longest movie review to date (not counting where we include guest interviews).

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December 4, 2019

Episode 38: Frozen II Review

Rachael and Keenan honor their Thanksgiving tradition of seeing what Disney movie releases this time of year by reviewing the latest theatrical release: Frozen II.


Does it live up to the hype? Is it as good as the original? Find our their spoiler-filled thoughts on the film. 

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Rachael and Keenan dream of spending every national holiday at Disney World. This time of year, of course, it's Thanksgiving. They're joined by Samantha Auch, a travel agent who specializes in Walt Disney World vacations with Capture the Magic Vacations travel agency. Samatha has spent two Thanksgivings at WDW (both the week of and the week after), so she shares her experiences as your hosts dream of going there themselves. Join them as they pick Samatha's brain about all things Disney at Thanksgiving.


Samantha Auch, travel agent specializing in WDW vacations, can be found at:

Twitter: auch2882

Facebook: /samanthaauchCTMV/

Agent Page:


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Hot off the release of Disney+ last week, Keenan and Rachael spent literally all of their free time watching the original titles that came out at launch. Now their hard work pays off as they review each of the original launch movies, shows, and shorts, as well as give their overall impressions of the new Disney streaming service and a brief glimpse at what the future of Disney+ holds.

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It's Part of Our World's Halloween Spooktacular!  Ok so maybe it isn't all that spooky, but it certainly is Halloween themed... Join Rachael and Keenan as they continue their Halloween tradition of talking about Disney villains.

This year, the sidekicks and henchmen of the villain world get center stage as Rachael and Keenan discuss their top 5 all time villain supporters. 

Who would you pick? Share your favorite villain henchmen picks on social media, email or voicemail:


Twitter:  @poowpodcast



Voicemail: (614) 392-8147‬

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In light of the Jungle Cruise trailer that dropped this past week, Rachael and Keenan discuss the various Disney World attractions that have been made into movies, for better or for worse, and brainstorm some of their own ideas for an attraction from each WDW park that could be made into a movie. Now whether or not they should is a whole 'nother the great Ian Malcolm once said, "Your [imagineers] were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should."


What did you think of Rachael and Keenan's movie ideas? How would you make them better? Do you have any ideas for attractions made into movies that weren't covered on this episode?

Share your thoughts at or on Twitter @poowpodcast , Instagram @partofourworldpodcast, or Facebook @partofourworldpodcast


Also, did you know Keenan is now a licensed travel agent specializing in, you guessed it, Disney vacations? If you're interested in details on booking a dream Disney vacation contact him at or visit his agent page:

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